Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Never Ending Polaroid

This is one of the baddest assed things ive seen in awhile. Bob Nanna (of Braid/Hey Mercedes/The City on Film FTW!) takes polaroids of people holding polaroids...of the previous polaroids. It sounds a bit boring and literal, dare say almost gimmicky, at first, but upon viewing, you find Sir Nanna started this in '01 and has been continuing it throughout his extensive touring with his various many influential bands of the independent rock scene, in what ends up being an indie rock archive of sorts. This tickles my fancy both as a documentary of my hands down favorite era of music, as well as a refreshingly intelligent and creative use of the archival properties of photography.!/neverendingpolaroid

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MAAF...if you're in-the-know.

MILWAUKEE.AVENUE.ARTS.FESTIVAL. whoooooa. how do you even talk about a fest that was over 30 galleries, 8 food vendors, 40 bands and spanned almost a whole mile down Milwaukee ave. a little like that, I suppose. or with A LOT OF PHOTOS. well, if a pictures worth 1000 words…then let this post be long!

see! if you missed it, you MISSED IT. Honestly, I'm entirely confused how. WE HAD FENCES! big ones! around the ACTUAL Logan Square. traffic block, even. noooo, you couldn't have missed it. so lets chat about it! what was your favorite part? did you see White Mystery TEAR UP the main stage on Saturday?! that was art. beautiful, loud, noisy, awesome art. (good luck to them on tour, etc etc!)

how about the new Logan Square Arts Center/Hairpin Lofts? Flat Iron Building, eat your heart out, Logan Square has GOT IT. right? hmmmm, probably.

At any rate, this year's MAAF blew last year's out of the water, by all accounts. Not that last year's was bad or anything, its just kind of like The Terminator and T2. T1 is a classic, you love it, and it paves the way for T2, absolutely. But come on, the T-1000. THIS YEAR'S MAAF WAS THE T-1000. chew on that. Speaking of which, Mayor Rahm came out. BOOYA.

I'm not even going to try to review it, really. i'm just going to leave it at spastic outbursts and be done with it. I shot over 500 photos on saturday, and it was exhausting. I edited over 500 photos the following week (along with entertain a revolving door of out of town friends throughout the week. oi, the timing!). I'm exhausted just thinking about how to tackle all of that into words.

so i wont!

(except, we had a trolly. A MUTHA FUCKIN MAAF TROLLY!)