Monday, May 30, 2011


This Is Home Now

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carnival SF + Street Life

i’m going to miss the fuck out of this, i just know it. i just know it hasnt hit me fully yet.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

tourist photos of tourists taking photos

Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome to San Francisco

tourist photos of tourist taking photos in San Fran

Sunday, May 22, 2011

well that was a relatively productive weekend.

so i started framing photos for my upcoming show in June.

actually, i finished framing, aside from the 18x24's that are shipping...tomorrow. so i decided to follow said framing party with an after-framing party.

Also went to the Red Gate Studio and Foundry (theres quite literally no web presence for them. ill be sure to post a url when its available) for a fun little bonfire and party they were having. A friend of mine, Jason Hawk, is one of the owners/artists that live there, and its a really badass space located just off the california stop in *gasp!* Logan Square! (i really do love this area) it actually reminds me a shitton of a lot of warehouses and parties i went to in Miami Art Basel. Anyway, everyone who lives there is super awesome, the parties are fun and the work coming out of there is amazing. you should definitely keep an eye out for any openings or parties theyre having there.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

in motivation to keep me writing, im going to try to update every day with a "photo of the day" or two (i hate editing down to single digits.) from my visual diary ive started doing.

(over dramatic photographic statements are cool.)

oh yeah, having a camera again is badass. i really needed a break after last year, to clear my head and work on the rest of my life; but i couldnt be happier now. when i decided to study photography as a, you know, rest-of-life thing, i remember being violently against digital. Partially some "fuck the status quo" thing, and i'm really glad i learned photography the way i did. start with film and you'll learn to slow down, think about the picture, visualize it and expose it properly. after awhile, you wont have to "slow down" at all. Anyway, i think a lot of my opposition to digital was how it was being used by my peers. in other words, quick, dirty, uneducated, shoot-till-youre-right....pretty much anti-everything i previously described.

where was i going with this? oh yeah! digital. so good now. i moved from printing wet to scanning film to shooting digital. it really streamlines the post production (in exchange for size quality, depending on the camera) and makes it great for keeping up with social media.

my favorite thing about digital, though, is using it as a learning tool. it allows you to try something new, or test a technical idea and get an immediate answer. i think this is going places.

well also, i dont have a film scanner. but hey! im getting the fuji x100! well....whenever fuji can catch up to their pre-orders. heard they had a few earth shakes(too soon?). but really though! have you seen this thing? compact, sharp, quiet, beautiful rangefinder. digital! and 1/9th the cost of a leica! my lord. i want it now now now.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Chicago Show

Oi Vey! exciting news! i have my very first show in Chicago coming up, June 10th. Ill be featuring work from my project An Excerpt of Various Photographs Strewn About the Room.

Caffe Baci
225 W. Wacker Dr
Chicago, Il

Opening Reception:
Friday, June 10th
6 pm-?

if you live in the area, are going to be around the area, or just want to come out to the area and say "hi," come on by!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


holy moly, it's been awhile! but ive been busy. yes yes....quite busy being lazy.

actually!... well yes, but winters thawed out and i think i am, too, finally. these past two weeks have been crazy packed, for a change. last weekend was the annual Art Chicago! the show was, as most art fairs are, a bit overwhelming in size and underwhelming in content (thanks to the myers school of art for conditioning me for art fair overloads, though!).however, it gave me the chance to find some local galleries, new artists. And some of my favorite fellow akronites were
part of the discussions series!

and then this weekend. well, ive come to two conclusions:
1)living in logan square is badass.
2)new cameras are

yes! finally entered the digital age with my very own nikon d3100 (and a fuji x100 on its way. egadz!), and i was lucky enough in my timing to test it at the Logan Square Art Walk tonight (see (1)).

for those of you not from around here, Logan Square is an up and coming arts neighborhood in chicago with (as im finding) lots of artists, galleries, happenings, great food and awesome bars. i'm so glad im finally starting to get out and meet all these great people that are making the area what it is. Tonight's walk started at the (apparently temporary) I Am Logan Square Gallery, with "Point of View." This mother's day themed (well...female themed) show featured work by Katie Holland, Tracey Kostenbader and Julie Sulzen. here are some photos from the show.

next was another group show, "Somethin' from Nothin'" at Nothin' Less Cafe, featuring some music, live painting, some illustration and painting. again, i got to chat with the artists, use my new camera (have i mentioned how badass it is?) and check out a new place!

Jazmin Giron

Kyle Van Heck

i actually didnt catch the name if the guy painting, but i was very glad to meet the artists, Kyle Van Heck and Jazmin Giron.

last on the walk was one of my favorite new places, The Comfort Station.

this place is an old waiting station for train passengers from...1915(?) thats recently been revamped into an all around badass little cozy spot for all sorts of creativity. art shows, movie nights (im really really going to catch one of them, one of these days) and musical acts. i actually just missed fellow akronite Talons the other week, and was pretty bummed, but glad to finally check out the cozy comfort station. anyway, here are some images from by show, paintings by Aliza Morell

Jessie Devereaux and David Keel, curator and director, respectively

i couldnt resist taking this photo on the walk home for the formal similarities between it and one of Aliza Morell's paintings (above)

all in all, im really looking forward to this summer. way too much drama and bouncing from place to place last summer made me want to do nothing but hole up and fuck the world(can you do that?) but ooh man! this summer. new place, new people and such pretty new camera gear. i know my new babies will take care of me. photography has this way of always bringing me back from whatever dark little hole ive closed up in. gets me out of my head and (thank god) out of my room; all these little connections and overlooked relations, all these simple fleeting moments slipping through our fingers so simply, all frozen in a frame. all these clever little things that a photo does, as an object, as an image, as an icon, a reality. i long for a new project. something to keep me occupied, keep me moving, feeling, questioning and most importantly, looking.

OH! lets not forget about Milwaukee Ave. Arts Festival at the end of july. totally pumped to get in on that soon!