Thursday, June 2, 2011

Milwaukee Ave. Arts Festival

So in case you havent heard, Milwaukee Ave Arts Festival is badass. or in their words:

Once a year, Logan Square's commercial corridor transforms into a full-blown arts district."

Conceived by I Am Logan Square organization and involving the help of all sorts of area artists and collectives, MAAF takes place in Logan Square, July 29th-31, on Milwaukee Ave (go figure) from Kimball to California. This Festival will play host to all sorts of badass curated visual and performance art, local cuisine and (more excitingly) local beers, as well as live music and a SHITTON of people.

i only caught the tail end of it last year, so this year i decided to get involved. I'll be taking photos of the event, and since MAAF was conceived and organized by the gals from I Am Logan Square Gallery, i've also been getting involved with their events; taking photos and writing blogs covering various Logan Square events. ill be sure to post them as they're posted on IALS blog.

that being said, i'll be interviewing Brett Swinney and Tracy Kostenbader from AnySquared, who are spearheading the gallery organization and fundraising for the event. I had the pleasure of talking a bit with Tracy today, and i'll be posting some info and photos when i talk with her and Brett more in depth.

that being said, here are a few photos from my daily visual diary.

these all have a common quality i cant quite put my finger on. but i think it's stretching. longing, distance, distortion. or whatever intersection where those three would meet. onward, outward, lost; respectively.

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