Saturday, June 4, 2011

WeeGee's Lounge

So Thursday was WeeGee's Lounge's 5 year anniversary party....well it isnt OWNED by Arthur Fellig, but it's Arthur Fellig themed. not ringing a bell?

how about now? Well must not be a photographer. but thats ok! you can still enjoy the great beer selection, along with posters and reproductions of WeeGee photos (with permission from ICP New York, ive heard), a shuffleboard and an oldschool photobooth.
and anyway, how badass is a WeeGee themed bar? i love this city.
(ps - ok ok, i'll fill you in. Arthur Fellig, aka WeeGee, was a NYC street photographer in the 30s and 40's. He captured a lot of crime and murder shots that he sold to the newspapers, shots that would later become "the film noir of life-and death- in New York.")

oh! how about that dude with an Arthur Fellig looking Polaroid Camera snapping pics of you and your friends? Yeah? Good, because they had him there for the event.

I think they're related.

Weegee's was started 5 years ago by Alex Huebner, an SAIC photog(obviously) grad...or was it Columbia. no, no, it was SAIC. Sorry, there were a lot of drinks had with their $20 bottomless pints anniversary special. did i mention that? no? oh, well $20 would get you unlimited pints of whatever beer you'd like. and my limit is fairly close to unlimited. And the best part (yes, it gets better) is those 20 dollars went to benefit Ames Middle School. Isnt that swell? Weegee's must be the only place that prefers to give gifts on their birthday.

Here's a photo of Alex looking at Weegee's cousin's polaroids:

and a couple more parting shots:

so next time you feel like having a drink, but really want to see a great street photo show, don't worry about hiding that flask in your blazer pocket; head over to Weegee's Lounge and get the best of both worlds!

Weegee's Lounge
3659 W. Armitage Ave. (3700W, 2000N)
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 384-0707

oh and one more thing, thanks to Alex for teaching me how to play Shuffleboard last month. I might feel a new obsession coming on.

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