Sunday, May 22, 2011

well that was a relatively productive weekend.

so i started framing photos for my upcoming show in June.

actually, i finished framing, aside from the 18x24's that are shipping...tomorrow. so i decided to follow said framing party with an after-framing party.

Also went to the Red Gate Studio and Foundry (theres quite literally no web presence for them. ill be sure to post a url when its available) for a fun little bonfire and party they were having. A friend of mine, Jason Hawk, is one of the owners/artists that live there, and its a really badass space located just off the california stop in *gasp!* Logan Square! (i really do love this area) it actually reminds me a shitton of a lot of warehouses and parties i went to in Miami Art Basel. Anyway, everyone who lives there is super awesome, the parties are fun and the work coming out of there is amazing. you should definitely keep an eye out for any openings or parties theyre having there.

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