Saturday, May 21, 2011

in motivation to keep me writing, im going to try to update every day with a "photo of the day" or two (i hate editing down to single digits.) from my visual diary ive started doing.

(over dramatic photographic statements are cool.)

oh yeah, having a camera again is badass. i really needed a break after last year, to clear my head and work on the rest of my life; but i couldnt be happier now. when i decided to study photography as a, you know, rest-of-life thing, i remember being violently against digital. Partially some "fuck the status quo" thing, and i'm really glad i learned photography the way i did. start with film and you'll learn to slow down, think about the picture, visualize it and expose it properly. after awhile, you wont have to "slow down" at all. Anyway, i think a lot of my opposition to digital was how it was being used by my peers. in other words, quick, dirty, uneducated, shoot-till-youre-right....pretty much anti-everything i previously described.

where was i going with this? oh yeah! digital. so good now. i moved from printing wet to scanning film to shooting digital. it really streamlines the post production (in exchange for size quality, depending on the camera) and makes it great for keeping up with social media.

my favorite thing about digital, though, is using it as a learning tool. it allows you to try something new, or test a technical idea and get an immediate answer. i think this is going places.

well also, i dont have a film scanner. but hey! im getting the fuji x100! well....whenever fuji can catch up to their pre-orders. heard they had a few earth shakes(too soon?). but really though! have you seen this thing? compact, sharp, quiet, beautiful rangefinder. digital! and 1/9th the cost of a leica! my lord. i want it now now now.

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